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Children's Books
shim 20x20opening valley 72dpi jpg large Ken Eaton-th   pile of foots final 72dpi jpg large Ken Eaton-th   bridge-parts-spread-rough-sketch-72dpi-Ken-Eaton-th   Bursting-in-72dpi-color-final-Ken_Eaton-large-jpg-th   Meet-Mr-Thunderfoot-72dpi-2022-07-24-Ken-Eaton-900pxH-th 
shim 20x202022-06-21scan-soft-toes-color-sketch-72dpi-Ken-Eaton-th   Missy-Muffet-and-classroom-with-text-Ken-Eaton-th   Missy-Muffet-and-swining-spider-with-text-Ken-Eaton-th   Orange out of line finish rough pg 12-13 v2 Ken Eaton-th   Orange out of line finish rough pg 27 v1-Ken Eaton-th
shim 20x20  publishing-error-bird-and-pig-ink-Ken-Eaton-th   The Myserious Benedict Society concept sketches Ken Eaton-th   Ledroptha-Curtain-colored-pen-sketch-Ken-Eaton-th   Title Page JR Quilt Spumby book Ken Eaton-th   JR Engineer Quilt Page Ken Eaton-th  
shim 20x20 Wooly Booby bird feather field sketches quilt page Ken Eaton-th   JR sewing spumby shipping booby quilt page Ken Eaton-th   JR Quilt and Spumby ad quilt page Ken Eaton-th    

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